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15.2V HV 5000mAh 4S 50C LiPo Hardcase: Deans

Hersteller-Nr. DYNB5045HVHD
Artikel-Nr. 292703


Kapazität:5000 mAh
Zellenzahl (S):4 S

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15.2V HV 5000mAh 4S 50C LiPo Hardcase: Deans

Key Features
• Fits most 1/8 and 1/10-scale vehicles
• 3C charge rating for quick, safe recharging
• Hard plastic case for increased durability and reliability
• Extreme Output High Voltage 4.35V LiPo cells
• 50C Discharge rate
• High current EC5™ connectors
• Hard case protection
• JST-XH balance connector

The Dynamite® High Voltage Reaction® 50C LiPo cells allow these packs to carry a higher overall voltage per cell (4.35V vs 4.2V) which translates into faster and longer run times than regular LiPo packs. These are the perfect batteries for the basher that is looking for more wheelie popping power! Excellent for 1/10 to 1/6 vehicles and boats.

Reaction 2.0
Dynamite's new Reaction 2.0 batteries come with all the power and performance you've come to expect from the original Reaction line, but now include a QR code directly on the battery label. You can scan the QR with the Dynamite Dashboard Smart Phone App for even quicker and easier setup. In addition, all Reaction 2.0 hardcase batteries now come in a sleek black color to better match whatever setup you use them in.
Bauart-Anwendung: Hartcase Carpack
Akku Type: LiPo
Kapazität: 5000 mAh
Elektrische Energie: 74 Wh
Zellenzahl (S): 4 S
Nennspannung: 15,2 Volt
Maximalbelastung kurz: 5000 C
Länge ca: 139 mm
Breite ca: 48 mm
Höhe ca: 48 mm
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€ 139.99
Lieferzeit: 7-14 Werktage
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