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CastleCreations EDGE HV 160 Brushless ESC

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CastleCreations EDGE HV 160 Brushless ESC

• The new Castle Edge ESC provide New Phoenix Controller AUX Line within more options as below:
a. Gain input - Allow the ESC to utilize an additional receiver channel to adjust the governor gain.
b. RPM out - Toggles the AUX Line for every electrical commutation. Divide this number by your number of magnetic pole pairs for mechanical RPM.
c. Excessive load detection - Prevent damage caused by large current spikes typically caused by too much load or possibly a short in the motor wires.
d. Audible Beacon - The controller will emit an audible locator signal from the motor when the AUX LINE is above 50% signal. The beacon is only emitted if the motor is not running
e. Log Data Reset Percentage - The users may select a percentage of the data buffer which all data is erased upon ESC boot up. This helps to ensure that the most recent flight is logged.
• Comprehensive heli feature set, including direct entry governor mode, autorotation with bailout, and soft start capabilities to protect your gearing.
• Opto isolated throttle cable helps reduce radio interference.
• Full data logging capabilities. Measure amp draw, controller temperature, motor rpms, battery voltage and ripple and more. Take the mystery out of electric flight.

• Surge current: 160 Amps
• Supporting motor types: 2 poles to 10+poles in/outrunner brushless motors
• Max Supporting input voltage: 50V (12S LiPo / 36 cells NiCd/NiMH)
• Size: 111x52x30.6mm
• Weight: 224g
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€ 297.00
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