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Drehzahlregler Scorpion Tribunus 06-120A SBEC

Hersteller-Nr. 05126
Artikel-Nr. 262149


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Drehzahlregler Scorpion Tribunus 06-120A SBEC

Are you ready to take your flying to the next level? Well now the wait is over. Scorpion's brand new Tribunes 06-120 ESC SBEC is available to the public NOW! The built-in BEC keeps wiring clean, allows for easy setup, and is adjustable from true DC-DC 5.3V-8.3V BEC to power servos and receivers with 10A continuous and 20A peak! There's even room for a 30mm cooling fan to be bolted onto the ESC heat sink, and plugs directly into the side of the SBEC. With our new governor design, internal and external are also available. Built-in protection like current, voltage, temperature, capacity protection and more will keep your ESC and aircraft safe. Enjoy new features such as data logging, Morse code indications, Android apps support, telemetry, and even remote settings compatible with Mikado V Control and more. Why fly old technology when you can be the first person in town to use the latest and greatest!

With the new V Link II cable (Optional) supported by Windows XP, Windows 7,8 and 10, you can always keep your ESC updated with the latest firmware, and make changes to your settings with ease!
The newly updated programming software has been hugely improved upon, and makes setup and tuning easier than ever. Order your Tribunes 06-120 ESC/SBEC before 12/31/16, and get a FREE V-Link II cable ! It's never been easier to program an ESC with your computer, so don't miss this 1-time Special offer!
Weighing in at just 108 grams, this sleek, compact power house is just what your 6S helicopter or airplane needs to help elevate your flying game. Don't be the last guy in your area to have this bold, next-generation Electronic Speed Control, so order your Tribunes 06-120 ESC SBEC from Scorpion Power System today!
Einsatzbereich: Hubschrauber
Spannungsbereich: 8-26,1 Volt
Zellen LiPo/LiFe: 2-6 S
Dauerstrom: 120 A
BEC Dauerstrom: 10 A
BEC Maximalstrom kurz: 20 A
BEC Spannung einstellbar: 5,1-8,3 Volt
Länge ca: 73,8 mm
Breite ca: 37 mm
Höhe ca: 23,7 mm
Gewicht ca: 108 g
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€ 169.00
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