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HPI Racing E10 Drift Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Elektro Brushed On Road (Drift) 4WD 1:10 RTR rot

Hersteller-Nr. 120091
Artikel-Nr. 281980


Motorart:Elektro (EP)
Modellart 1:On Road (Drift)
Bausatzausführung:RTR (Ready-To-Run)

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HPI Racing E10 Drift Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Elektro Brushed On Road (Drift) 4WD 1:10 RTR rot

The fan favourite E10 Drift platform gets an amazing look with a real-life livery from the amazing Fail Crew!

The full-size version is driven by Russian Fail Crew member and FIA drifting champion Arkady Tsaregradtsev, and now YOU have the opportunity to take the champion's ride for a spin! Fail Crew is an international crew of pilots that has secured its top rating position at the most prestigious drifting competitions. If you’re up against anyone from Fail Crew on the track, be prepared to – yes, fail! Every crew member’s automobile is an object of modern art on wheels designed by famous Russian artist Ciay

The E10 was designed so anyone can take the wheel and go for a spin! Arriving right out of the box in Ready-To-Run (RTR) form with a fully painted body and a preassembled chassis, it's a simple matter of “charge and go” for hours of fun!

The RTR E10 includes a high-performance electric motor, plus a waterproof electronic speed controller that features proportional throttle, powerful brakes and convenient reverse functions, allowing it to drive and maneuver just like real cars. An intuitive steering wheel style transmitter with real steering wheel and trigger style throttle/brake controls takes care of the controller duties.

Features, looks, performance and price: the RTR E10 Drift is one of the easiest ways ever to experience the fun and excitement of driving an RC drift car!

The HPI Racing E10 Drift car is super-easy to drive and get familiar with – all you have to do is plug in the included battery and switch on the radio, then the car. It’s that easy! To drive the car, simply pick up the controller with your left hand, put your left index finger into the trigger area, and then put your right hand on the steering wheel – it’s as natural as driving a real car! Turn the wheel to go left and right, and gently pull on the trigger with your left index finger to go forwards. To stop the car, gently push away from you with your left index finger - push again to go into reverse. It takes seconds to get used to this easy operation, and pretty soon you'll be racing with your friends!

The HPI Racing E10 features a set of treaded drift tires for easy drifting on just about every paved surface. You'll get great acceleration, braking and cornering performance from these slick, hard rubber tires! The tires are molded in a durable, long-wearing rubber compound that will give you a long life for hours of fun and enjoyment. Each tire is securely glued to a cool-looking competition style wheel, molded from flexible yet firm plastic. The wheels are each coated in a shiny metallic finish to look great on the shelf or on the track! If you want to customize your E10, you can always swap out or replace the wheels and the tires mounted to them, just like a real car!

Along with a great-looking GT-R body and competition wheels, a complete set of replica disc brakes and calipers complete the amazing look of this HPI Racing E10 Drift car. The calipers are mounted to the hubs and uprights, just like on a real car, and the discs turn with the wheels for total realism! (Note: these are not functional brakes! The electric motor does the actual braking.)

The HPI Racing E10 Drift car is fitted with extra-long double wishbone suspension at all four corners for great control in the corners. Spring-loaded shock absorbers absorb the bumps and dips in the road and the thick upper and lower suspension arms are fitted to durable uprights fitted with ball bearings for maximum runtime and drivetrain longevity.

The HPI Racing E10 is fitted with a strong and reliable steering system and a tough and durable water-resistant servo, taking the steering commands from the handheld controller and turning the wheels left and right through a double bellcrank, giving you complete control! The steering parts are durable yet flexible, allowing them to bounce back after minor crashes so you can keep driving for hours!

With a 4WD shaft drivetrain, the HPI Racing E10 can be driven on just about any paved surface. Thanks to the spur gear and motor pinion cover, debris such as pebbles and stones can't get caught in the gears to slow you down! A central driveshaft takes the power down the middle of the car, and enclosed gear diffs front and rear transmit the power from the motor to each tire through ball bearing-supported driveshafts at each corner of the car.

Officially authorized replica of Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Drift Car
Fully assembled E10 drift car chassis
SC-3sWP2 Waterproof Electronic Speed Control with Reverse
2.4 GHz radio system for crystal-free, comfortable control
7.2v 2000 mAh NiMH Rechargeable HPI Plazma battery
HPI Plazma AA batteries for transmitter
AC Wall Charger
Adjustable body mounts
Quick change battery holder
Shaft drive 4WD system
Shock absorbing foam bumper
High torque Saturn 27T 540 motor
Precise bellcrank steering
Unique swappable motor layout for grip or drift driving

Length: 14.8" (375mm)
Width: Adjustable 7.32", 7.56", 7.80" (186, 192, 198mm)
Wheelbase: 10" (255mm)
Weight: 2.8lbs. w/o body (1280g)
Drive System: Shaft Drive 4WD
Drive Ratio: 7.48:1

Nothing! Everything you need to drive is included!
Motorart: Elektro (EP)
Modellart 1: On Road (Drift)
Maßstab: 1:10
Antriebsart: 4 WD
Bausatzausführung: RTR (Ready-To-Run)
Inklusive Motor: 27T 540 Brushed Motor
Inklusive Regler: SC-3sWP2 Waterproof ESC
Inklusive Akku: 7.2v 2000 mAh NiMH
Länge ca: 375 mm
Breite ca: 186/192/198 mm
Gewicht ca: 1280 g
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Ritzel 28 Zähne (0.6M)
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Chassis (E10)
€ 27.95
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€ 10.90 statt € 12.95
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Karosserieklammern 6 mm schwarz 20 Stück
AN 78988 Hersteller-Nr.: 75106
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Konusscheibe 3x9x2mm (grau/4St) E10
AN 177663 Hersteller-Nr.: 88008
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Radtraeger Schrauben-Set (E10)
AN 177667 Hersteller-Nr.: 88013
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GT Fluegel Set (E10)
AN 118911 Hersteller-Nr.: 85612
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Hauptzahnrad E10 65 Zähne
AN 85666 Hersteller-Nr.: 85614
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Differential Gehaeuse Set (E10)
AN 177298 Hersteller-Nr.: 85615
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Differentialzahnräder Set 15Z/38Z/E10
AN 85770 Hersteller-Nr.: 88000
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Differential Welle Set (E10)
AN 177659 Hersteller-Nr.: 88001
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Antriebswelle 9x40mm (2St/E10)
AN 177660 Hersteller-Nr.: 88003
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Mittelkardan Set (E10)
AN 177665 Hersteller-Nr.: 88011
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Radachse 6x31mm (2St/E10)
AN 177666 Hersteller-Nr.: 88012
nicht lagernd
Ritzel 22 Zähne 0,6M/E10
AN 85665 Hersteller-Nr.: 88022
nicht lagernd
Lenkgestaenge Set (E10)
AN 177292 Hersteller-Nr.: 85605
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Schwingen Set (E10)
AN 177293 Hersteller-Nr.: 85606
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Radtraeger Set (E10)
AN 177294 Hersteller-Nr.: 85607
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Daempfer/Karosseriehalter Set (E10)
AN 177296 Hersteller-Nr.: 85610
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Schwingenstift 3x40mm (2St/E10)
AN 177661 Hersteller-Nr.: 88005
nicht lagernd
Schwingenstift (Gewinde M3x24mm/2St/E10)
AN 177662 Hersteller-Nr.: 88007
nicht lagernd
Daempferfeder 13.5x25x1.4mm(schwarz/2St)
AN 177664 Hersteller-Nr.: 88010
nicht lagernd
SC-3SWP2 Elektronischer Fahrtenregler wasserdicht
AN 205303 Hersteller-Nr.: 114712
nicht lagernd
HPI SS-20WR Servo (WP/6.0V/6.5kg/PG)
AN 246309 Hersteller-Nr.: 120018
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€ 219.99
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