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PolarPro - DJI Mavic Pro / Platinum Cinema Series Exposure Collection Filter 3-Pack

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PolarPro - DJI Mavic Pro / Platinum Cinema Series Exposure Collection Filter 3-Pack

PolarPro - DJI Mavic Pro / Platinum Cinema Series Exposure Collection Filter 3-Pack
Includes ND128, ND256, ND1000 filters
Large-stop ND filters for long exposure photography
Outstanding color neutrality for life-like colors
Enables slower shutter speeds for a creative motion blur effect
Cinema Series glass element with 8 layers of optical coatings per side
The Cinema Series Exposure Collection includes heavy-stop neutral density filters for reducing camera shutter speed in broad daylight, making cinematic long exposures possible with your Mavic Air and Mavic Pro/Platinum. Includes ND128 (7-stop), ND256 (8-stop) and ND1000 (10-stop) filters designed to be installed without the need for a counterweight, and will not interfere with DJI?s gimbal calibration process. Made for aerial landscape photography, Cinema Series Exposure filters provide outstanding color neutrality with zero color casting, enabling pilots to shoot at slower shutter speeds for long exposure photography with beautifully saturated and blended colors, or create smooth motion blur on ocean waves, waterfalls or other moving subjects in a scene. 8 layers of optical coatings on each side of every lens reduce ghosting, flaring and other artifacts, ensuring razor sharp stills that can be used in both independent or commercial projects alike.

When to use: Sunny
Stop Values: 7-Stop
Color: Neutral

When to use: Sunny
Stop Values: 8-Stop
Color: Neutral

When to use: Very bright
Stop Values: 10-Stop
Color: Neutral

In the box:
1x ND128, 1x ND256, 1x ND1000
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€ 78.00
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