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RC4WD 1/4 Killer Krawler 2 Kit (Black)

Hersteller-Nr. RC4ZK0055
Artikel-Nr. 239452


Motorart:Elektro (EP)
Modellart 1:Crawler

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RC4WD 1/4 Killer Krawler 2 Kit (Black)


Massive MOA Axle (fit 750 series Motors)
Designed as a Crawler or Robotic Platform
Remote locking differential (requires two Servos per Axle)
8x Suspension piggy back Shocks (Double barrel shotgun style)
Quad Cantilever System
Motocross Inspired Pivot Points
Stamped Steel Skid Plates
Multiple CNC Machined Parts
Billet Aluminum
Heady Duty Steel Gears
Length: 29.53in / 750mm
Width: 23.62in / 600mm
Height: 14.96in / 380mm
Wheelbase: 21.65in / 550mm
Ground Clearance: 3.54in / 90mm
Gear Case Gear Ratio: 1 : 25
Axle Gear Ratio: 1 : 2.55
15T 48P Steel Pinion
Weight: 11.4Lbs / 6.54kg

What's Included:

1x RC4WD 1/4 Killer Krawler 2 Kit (Black) (Without Wheels / Tires / Motors)


While some components may come assembled, we always recommend that you check the products to ensure all hardware is tight. In some cases, you may want to apply thread lock to some of the hardware that is already installed.
It is recommended that you use a BEC that can be set at 9V. This will provide all electronics on the unit enough voltage to function properly.
Use good quality hex drivers to avoid stripping screw heads.
Use thread lock when putting metal screws into metal parts.
Steps marked with an asterisk (*) require thread lock.
Use thread lock sparingly.
Do not over tighten screws otherwise you may strip the thread.
For complete truck you will also need (KK2) Demolisher Beadlock Wheels 14mm (Z-W0176), (KK2) Demolisher Monster Truck 40 Series 3.8" Tires (Z-T0020) and 1/10 Crusher 4 Door Heavy Duty Truck Body (Painted) (Z-B0057).
Motorart: Elektro (EP)
Modellart 1: Crawler
Maßstab: 1:4
Antriebsart: 4 WD
Bausatzausführung: KIT/Bausatz
Länge ca: 550 mm
Breite ca: 360 mm
Höhe ca: 220 mm
Gewicht ca: 6530 g
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