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RC4WD Beast II 6x6 Truck RTR

Hersteller-Nr. RC4ZRTR0028
Artikel-Nr. 239620


Motorart:Elektro (EP)
Modellart 1:Crawler

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RC4WD Beast II 6x6 Truck RTR

Are you ready for the end of days? The opportunities are limitless with the Beast II Truck Kit! Sunday driver to world domination. It's up to the imagination to complete your Beast II.

The Beast II has unmatched scale detail, allowing for a realistic model or a true performance oriented 6x6 trail truck.

The Beast II is built with engineering and design first. Packed with great products like the R3 2 speed transmission, Yota II axles, Triton transfer case, Mil-Spec ZXL tires and 1.9" Humvee beadlock wheels.

There are no better options! Beast II... What's in store for you?

Custom Designed for True to Scale Looks
Realistic Aluminum Ladder Frame Chassis
R3 Scale 2 Speed Transmission
Center Mounted Realistic 4x4 Transfer Case
Cast Metal Axles with Locked Differentials
3 Link Front and 8 Link Rear Suspension
Humvee 1.9" Internal Beadlock Wheels
Mil-Spec ZXL 1.9" Tires
Chassis Mounted Steering Servo
Dual Spring 80mm Scale Black Shocks

Triton Transfer Case
Ratio - 1:1 Gearing .8 Mod Hardened Steel Gears, 8 Bearing Design, Cast Casing

All New R3 Scale 2 Speed Transmission
Ratios: Pinion/Spur 14/64 = 4.57:1
Internal Ratios: 1.78:1
Gears - Wide Steel .8 Mod, Delrin Spur, Slipper Clutch

All New Cast Yota II Axles
Ratio: 15/40 = 2.67:1 Width at Hex 180.5mm

Beast II Suspension
Double Triangulated 8 Link Rear Suspension
3 Link Front Suspension with Panhard Bar

Shock Absorbers
Dual Spring 80mm Shocks - Can be oil filled

Humvee 1.9" Internal Beadlock Wheel
Hub: Hex Type
Width: 25mm
Back Spacing: 16mm

Cast Metal, Lightweight

Beast II Dimensions
Wheelbase F-R: 408mm (16.1")
Wheelbase F-M: 292mm (11.496")
Width: 211mm (8.3")
Height: 226mm (8.9")
Ground Clearance: 60mm (2.4")
Final Drive Ratio: 1st - 62.1:1, 2nd - 22.75:1
Motorart: Elektro (EP)
Modellart 1: Crawler
Maßstab: 1:10
Antriebsart: 6 WD
Bausatzausführung: RTR
Länge ca: 617 mm
Breite ca: 211 mm
Höhe ca: 226 mm
Radstand: 408 mm
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