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Serpent Spyder SRX2 MH MidHybrid

Hersteller-Nr. SER500007
Artikel-Nr. 242863


Motorart:Elektro (EP)
Modellart 1:Buggy

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Serpent Spyder SRX2 MH MidHybrid

Serpent SPYDER 2wd race buggy
1/10 scale, electric powered, MidHybrid version

Serpent introduces the Spyder SRX2 1/0 buggy in MH version . Serpent designer Billy Easton, former 1/10 scale 2wd World Champion, and the designer of the successful Cobra 1/8 series and Spyder 1/10 series of cars, has created this next masterpiece

Battery space mount and weight balance
The battery is mounted perfectly in the center line of the car. In case of using a Shorty-pack, it can be moved to front or back to play with weight balance. Pieces of hard foam are supplied to do so and secure the battery in position. The carbon fibre battery-top-brace has a secure quick release system with handy twist nuts and acts as a chassis stiffener too. The flex can be influences by using 2 small grubscrews. When using the upright

The limited slip ball differential is a super compact, effective and durable unit. Utilizing 1.8th inch diff balls for ultimate durability. The structure and assembly is common type in this class, but the high quality parts and well functioning will make it stand out.
Motorart: Elektro (EP)
Modellart 1: Buggy
Maßstab: 1:10
Antriebsart: 2 WD
Bausatzausführung: KIT/Bausatz
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€ 334.99
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