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T-REX 470LT Dominator Super Combo

Hersteller-Nr. RH47E09X
Artikel-Nr. 228580


Rotorkopf Type:Flybarless
Rotordurchmesser:850 mm
Geeignet für:Fortgeschrittene & Experten

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T-REX 470LT Dominator Super Combo

Following the release of the T-REX 450L, which introduced an innovative design and came equipped with high-end electronic equipment. Align's most anticipated helicopter release in 2016 the T-REX 470LT is born. No matter whether you are a newcomer or a professional, the brand new T-REX 470LT will give you the new flying feel again.

470EFL Main Rotor Head provides superior flight stability and offers a lower CG design to reduce flying resistance while providing a more rigid and fast rotor head response. To improve the strength and durability of the main and feathering shaft the 470 main shaft outer dimension was increased from 5mm to 6mm, while the feathering shaft outer dimension was increased from 4mm to 5mm. The 470LT has adopt a high standard 1.2mm 3K carbon fiber main frame and a wider body design which increases the size of the battery compartment allowing the use of larger capacity battery. The 470L utilizes a new torque drive assembly, highly reduce gear abrasion and increase power output gives more direct and precise flight performance and extraordinary tail performance. The landing skid is tilted 5 degrees forward to improve crashworthiness and makes T-REX 470L more avant-garde and dynamic.

The T-REX 470LT is equipped with the large outer diameter 470MX motor (1800KV/2818) which is highly efficient providing superior power, excellent torque, improved current draw, and a lower operating temperature which are excellent improvements as compared to the 460MX motor. The brand new DS450 digital cyclic servos and DS455 digital tail servo, support up to V8.4, high voltage input, improving the servos torque and speed. The new RCE-BL50X brushless ESC with an internal BEC provides 5.0V to 8.4V which can be set based on servo specification. The new high-end electronics effectively enhance flight performance.

T-REX 470LT is designed with 380mm main blade and torque drive system, which makes it more stable and more powerful. Its superior tail lock performance and flying control feel is super and way beyond your imagination.

• New 470 canopy features in aerodynamic design with durable fiber lightweight material providing the best protection in flight. The new canopy, its enlarge clean-cut outfit makes the overall body shape more balance and stylish.
• Extended 380mm main blades effectively improve the flying stability and power performance. The new engineered airfoil design effectively reduces turbulence at the end of the main blades,this saves power consumption during extreme 3D flight. New 69 size tail blades are longer in length and offer superior tail holding performance, even during demanding 3D flight.
• Brand new 470 V2 Main Rotor Holder allow to provide the best stability and precise control no matter you are flying in static flight or 3D dynamic flight.
• Brand New 470EFL Main Rotor Head provides superior flight stability and offers a lower CG design to reduce flying resistance while providing a more rigid and fast rotor head response. Brand New 470 Main Shaft and Feathering Shaft: Main Shaft outer dimension increased from 5mm to 6mm, while the Feathering Shaft outer dimension increased from 4mm to 5mm,effectively strengthening the Main and Feathering Shaft while improving durability.
• New 470MX motor features; high efficiency, superior power, excellent torque, low current draw, and a low operating temperature. The 470MX is capable of maintaining consistent torque and head speed through continuous 3D maneuvers. 470MX motor is designed for 3D flight.
• Brand new CNC metal reinforcement plate and brace compare with frame mounting bolt effectively increase the torsional stength of main frame, under extreme 3D maneuver, you can strongly feel its solid reinforcement from its structure.
• Carbon fiber side frame plates are manufactured using a proprietary composite material integration technology which integrates the battery mounting rails into the frame. This unique use of open spaces within the frame creates a rigid frame and is aesthetically pleasing.
• An additional 3rd main shaft bearing block increases the strength of the main frame while improving 3D flight.
• Brand new latching battery tray which utilizes integrated mounting rails inside the frames to simplify insertion / removal of battery while providing protection for the battery.
• Specially designed for T-REX 470 providing higher currency output and support for high voltage servos with an internal BEC output from 5V to 8.4V which can be set up based on servo specification.
• DS350M HV Cyclic and DS455 HV Rudder servos support up to 8.4V for superior responsiveness, extreme torque, and improved performance.
• Highly reduce gear abrasion and increase power output gives more direct and precise flight performance and extraordinary tail performance. The new high intense Torque Tube allow to reduce gear abrasion and extend the gear lifetime value in extreme flight dynamics.
• Landing skid is tilted 5 degrees forward to improve crashworthiness.
• Newly designed vertical tail servo mount to improve CG while increasing the responsiveness of 3D flight.
• A wider Tail Boom to improves the torsional strength. Carbon Fiber Tail Control Rod is practical and improves the helicopters tail control.
• Designed using a proprietary material integration technology which creates a unique look and improves the Vertical Stabilizer's stiffness.
• The newly designed dual point supported tail control assembly delivers slop free performance while improving rudder resolution and precision.
• The new tail rotor holder design includes thrust bearings which increases durability, as well as significantly improving the accuracy and efficiency of the tail performance when using 69 size Tail Blades.

Length: 755mm
Height: 210mm
Width: 108mm
Main Blade Length: 380mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 850mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 181mm
Motor Pinion Gear: 11T
Main Drive Gear: 121T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 104T
Tail Drive Gear: 28T
Drive Gear Ratio: 11:1:3.71
Weight (w/o battery): approx. 871g

• 2x 380mm Carbon Fiber Main Blade
• 2x 69mm Carbon Fiber Tail Blade
• 1x 470MX Brushless Motor (1800KV/2818)
• 3x DS450M Digital Servo
• 1x DS455M Digital Servo
• 1x RCE-BL50X 50A Brushless ESC
• 1x MICROBEAST Plus Flybarless System

Required for assembly
• 1x Transmitter (6-channel or more, helicopter system)
• 1x Receiver (6-channel or more)
• 1x Pitch gauge or Digital Pitch Gauge
• 1x Battery 6S 22.2V Li-Po 1400mAh~1900mAh
• 1x Battery Charger
Antriebsart: Elektro (EP)
Rotorkopf Type: Flybarless
Rotordurchmesser: 850 mm
Rotorblattlänge: 380 mm
Heckrotordurchmesser: 181 mm
Heckrotorantrieb: Starrantrieb
Länge ca: 755 mm
Breite ca: 210 mm
Höhe ca: 108 mm
Gewicht ca: 871 g
RC Funktionen: Nick, Roll, Heckrotor, Pitch, Gasvorwahl
Inklusive Motor:
Inklusive Kreisel: Microbeast Plus
Bausatzausführung: Kit/Bausatz
Geeignet für: Fortgeschrittene & Experten
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Schraubensatz T-Rex 250 bis 500
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Heckrotorblätter 69 Carbon
AN 216806 Hersteller-Nr.: HQ0693A
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Hauptrotorblätter 380 Carbon blau
AN 216791 Hersteller-Nr.: HD380B
Hauptrotorblätter 380 Carbon Hauptrotorblätter schwarz
AN 216790 Hersteller-Nr.: HD380A
470L Hauptrotorzentralstück
AN 216730 Hersteller-Nr.: H47H006XXT
Lieferzeit: 4-7 Werktage
470L Distanzscheiben Hauptrotorwelle
AN 216731 Hersteller-Nr.: H47H007XXT
€ 6.99
AN 216732 Hersteller-Nr.: H47R001XXT
Lieferzeit: 4-7 Werktage
470L Heckrohr
€ 7.99
AN 216733 Hersteller-Nr.: H47T001XXT
nicht lagernd
470L Heckanlenkung Carbon
AN 216734 Hersteller-Nr.: H47T002XXT
nicht lagernd
470L Heckanlenkung
AN 216735 Hersteller-Nr.: H47T003XXT
Lieferzeit: 4-7 Werktage
470L Vertikales Leitwerk Carbon, weiss
AN 216736 Hersteller-Nr.: H47T004XXT
Lieferzeit: 4-7 Werktage
470L Heckrotornabe
AN 216737 Hersteller-Nr.: H47T005XXT
470L Heckrotorblatthalter
AN 216738 Hersteller-Nr.: H47T006XXT
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Akkupolster T-Rex 450Pro
AN 94305 Hersteller-Nr.: H45135
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