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Team Losi Racing 8IGHT XT/XTE Race Elektro/Nitro Truggy 4WD 1:8 Kit

Hersteller-Nr. TLR04009
Artikel-Nr. 285079


Modellart 1:Truggy

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Team Losi Racing 8IGHT XT/XTE Race Elektro/Nitro Truggy 4WD 1:8 Kit

• Nitro and Electric Parts Included
• Improved Suspension Geometry
• Flex Tune Suspension Arms
• Wider 3mm Chassis
• Larger Pinion Bearing
• Cab Forward Style Body
• Chassis Side Guards
• Large Footprint Nitro Engine Mount
• One Piece Electric Motor Mount
• Adjustable Caster Blocks
• Bleeder Shock Caps
• Balanced Chassis
• Ackerman Adjustable Draglink Steering Rack
• Machined Aluminum Shock Towers
• Better Diff Access
• Sway Bar System
• Equalized Driveline
• Updated Radio Tray
• Optimized Shocks
• Ball Bearing Throttle and Brake Actuator
• Large Bearing Spindles and Carriers
• Shorter Wheelbase
• LiPo/LiIon Compatible Battery Box

The new Team Losi Racing® 8IGHT-XT/XTE Next Generation Truggy builds on the championship-winning heritage of its predecessors with updates to the suspension geometry and drivetrain as well as the chassis layout that make it both easier to drive and tougher to beat. Plus, it includes Nitro and Electric in one box! The 8IGHT-XT/XTE has a combination of features second-to-none including large footprint engine mount, 3mm chassis, cab forward body, machined aluminum shock caps, and so much more. Designed to win straight out of the box, the 8IGHT-XT/XTE expands performance and is ready for the winner's circle.

Needed to Complete:
• Motor
• Electronic Speed Control
• Servo
• Radio System
• Charger
• Battery
• Paint
• Tools
• CA Glue

What's in the Box?
• (1) TLR 8IGHT XT/XTE Nitro/Electric Truggy Race Kit
• (1) Product Manual

Nitro and Electric parts included
All of the items to run either nitro or electric included in one box.

Improved Suspension Geometry
The 8IGHT-XT/XTE Next Gen suspension geometry has been completely revamped making a truck that is fast, nimble, and easy to drive. This includes a myriad of updates including wider front pivot with less scrub radius, narrower rear pivot, longer front and rear arms, and updated hub offset.

Flex Tune Suspension Arms
All new suspension arms have been designed to accept stiffener plates that will allow racers to tune the flex of the suspension. The kit will include molded plates with optional carbon fiber plates available separately.

Wider 3mm Chassis
Chassis width has been increased to aid in stability and give the truggy a more neutral feel as well as equalized side to side for equal torsional flex and thinned down to 3mm for weight savings.

Larger Pinion Bearing
The internal pinion bearing size in the front and rear has been increased for added durability.

Cab Forward Style Body
Cab forward design helps with overall down force, which improves steering and overall stability.

Chassis Side Guards
New chassis side guards that have an improved fit onto the chassis.

Large Footprint Nitro Engine Mount
Lightweight large footprint engine mount that reduces flex underneath the engine to eliminate chassis fatigue on high traction race surfaces for nitro.

One Piece Electric Motor Mount
One piece aluminum motor mount that is easy to adjust pinion sizing for electric motors.

Adjustable Caster Blocks
17.5 deg caster blocks that allow the height of the spindle to be adjusted.

Bleeder Shock Caps
Machined aluminum shock caps with threaded bleeder holes for easy and consistent bleeding of oil.

Balanced Chassis
The weight has been moved forward in the chassis to provide a better driving balance to the vehicle and less parts needed to carry.

Ackerman Adjustable Steering Rack
Redesigned steering rack which will allow more ackerman adjustments and an improved servo saver to eliminate bellcrank bind during high loads.

Machined Aluminum Shock Towers
Redesigned machined 7075-T6 aluminum shock towers with updated camber link holes.

Better Diff Access
The front and rear diff case have been altered to allow easier access to the differentials without removing the bulkheads from the vehicle.

Sway Bar System
New sway bar system that has adjustable length links to allow better equalization of each side of sway bar as well as collars that keep the sway bars centered.

Equalized driveline
The center drive shaft angles have been modified so they are equal front to rear allowing for a more 4wd feel to the vehicle.

Updated Radio Tray
An updated radio tray now puts the throttle servo near the engine to eliminate additional linkage. The updated radio tray will ensure the throttle servo is rigidly mounted to avoid any flex by floating the servo off of the center differential.

Optimized Shocks
The 8IGHT-X shocks are optimized and lightened to decrease the center of gravity and lower the weight of the car.

Ball Bearing Throttle and Brake Actuator
The throttle and brake actuator uses ball bearings in order to give a super smooth feel on the throttle.

Large Bearing Spindles and Carriers
All four corners of the vehicle have been updated to use large ball bearings and the same bearings.

Shorter Wheelbase
The wheelbase has been shortened to aid in grip as well as provide more agile handling.

LiPo/Li-Ion Compatible Battery Box
The battery box has been designed so that you can now fit either common LiPo receiver packs or Li-Ion receiver packs.
Modellart 1: Truggy
Maßstab: 1:8
Antriebsart: 4 WD
Bausatzausführung: KIT/Bausatz
Länge ca: 536 mm
Breite ca: 422 mm
Höhe ca: 185 mm
Gewicht ca: 4082 g
Radstand: 373 mm
Bodenfreiheit: 40 mm
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AN 185284 Hersteller-Nr.: LOSA99043
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AN 193820 Hersteller-Nr.: TLR5281
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AN 193720 Hersteller-Nr.: TLR3538
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AN 184997 Hersteller-Nr.: LOSA4452
Lieferzeit: 7-14 Werktage
Kupplungslager Set: 8B,8T
AN 98900 Hersteller-Nr.: LOSA6949
Lieferzeit: 7-14 Werktage
Luftfilter geölt: 8B, 8T
AN 98912 Hersteller-Nr.: LOSA9151
nicht lagernd
Losi Unterlegscheiben 4 and 1/8 gehärtet
AN 185167 Hersteller-Nr.: LOSA6350
Lieferzeit: 7-14 Werktage
TLR Rundkopfschraube, M3 x 5mm (10)
AN 193829 Hersteller-Nr.: TLR5900
Lieferzeit: 7-14 Werktage
Body Clips, Small (12)
AN 264514 Hersteller-Nr.: TLR245007
Lieferzeit: 7-14 Werktage
Losi 5 x 13mm HD Kupplungslager (2):8B/8T
AN 185198 Hersteller-Nr.: LOSA6955
Lieferzeit: 7-14 Werktage
TLR Mutter selbstsichernd M3 x .5 x 5.5mm (10)
AN 193887 Hersteller-Nr.: TLR6313
nicht lagernd
Losi 8x16mm Kugellager (4)
AN 185190 Hersteller-Nr.: LOSA6942
nicht lagernd
TLR Zylinderkopfschraube, M3 x 12mm (10)
AN 193847 Hersteller-Nr.: TLR5933
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Losi 8B /8T: Kupplungsfeder hart, Gold(4)
AN 185243 Hersteller-Nr.: LOSA9114
Lieferzeit: 7-14 Werktage
TLR 8IGHT 4.0: Lager Dämpferkappe
AN 196379 Hersteller-Nr.: TLR243033
Lieferzeit: 7-14 Werktage
TLR Rundkopfschraube, M3 x 8mm (10)
AN 193831 Hersteller-Nr.: TLR5902
Lieferzeit: 7-14 Werktage
Hinge Pins, 4 x 66mm, Electro Nickel (2): 8X
AN 264495 Hersteller-Nr.: TLR244043
Lieferzeit: 7-14 Werktage
Kupplungsbacken (2) Aluminium: 8B, 8T
AN 98908 Hersteller-Nr.: LOSA9108
Lieferzeit: 7-14 Werktage
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