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Viper 988 1/8 4wd

Hersteller-Nr. SER903017
Artikel-Nr. 244639


Motorart:Verbrenner (GP)
Modellart 1:On Road

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Viper 988 1/8 4wd

Serpent Viper 988 1/8 scale gas onroad car

Serpent has been developing 1/8 scale onroad rc cars since 1977, officially as company since 1980. That is over almost 40 years of race and development experience combined !

The Serpent Viper 988 is the next step in the continiuous development of this very demanding 1/8 scale racing class, the pinnacle of rc car racing. The Viper 988 is a new platform for the coming years, which still shares some proven parts of the Japan-Worlds winning Viper 977.

Key NEW features
- New front and rear lower suspension arms in a completely new hollow type design, with seperate screw on top-covers. The rear arms longer han before to suit the new rear geometry. Optional are carbon arm inserts and hard arms.
- New rear end geometry creating more steering and overall grip, lower rear pivot pins are closer together, creating a longer link between pivot and up-right
- Longer rear CVD style driveshafts in proven Serpent springsteel
- New smart design anodized aluminium brackets and bearing blocks front and rear which allow for super easy change of parts, anti-roll bars and for general maintenance.
- Same anti-roll bars in use front and rear
- New type front downstops for quick re-setting from top or bottom even inside the pits
- The compact diskbrake unit moved back to the 2-speed shaft on smart new alu bracket
- New flow type aero style bumper with separate inserts to race open or closed to influence steering / grip.
- New optimized flex control 7075 T6 chassis with weights system and carbon flex brace

Other main specs:
- 4wd belt-driven race car
- 2-speed Xli gearbox and Centax race clutch with 0.8 finepitch gears
- Independent suspension with hydraulic short bigbore shocks
- Black anodized front shaft with oneways and narrow rear solid axle
- 2.5mm carbon radioplate with integrated optional flex system
- Front and rear springsteel cvd shafts both with quick change wheel system/axles
- Ball raced front and rear anti-roll bars
- aluminium mid-flex system with bearings
- Serpent spring steel axles and driveshafts
- NSK bearings in the more critical spots
- Low friction belts and ballraced belt-tensioner
Motorart: Verbrenner (GP)
Modellart 1: On Road
Maßstab: 1:8
Antriebsart: 4 WD
Bausatzausführung: KIT/Bausatz
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€ 721.99
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